Achieve a Spa-Like Bathroom

Dated: 02/12/2020

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You know that feeling you have when you go to a hotel, or a spa, and everything is so clean and organized and you wish your home was like that? Well, it feels that way because everything is hidden away. You aren’t seeing extra toilet paper everything, a plunger, or toiletries everywhere. As unrealistic as it may seem, decluttering is a big factor in this.


Natural Colors

Natural colors such as blue, green, and brown can make you feel instantly more relaxed and grounded in a space.


Soft Lighting

Fluorescents are not your friend here, a dimmer switch will help you change the lighting to low when you want to relax, and bright when you need to put on make-up or shave.


Calming Scents

Smells and fragrances are very important as they are typically the first thing you’ll notice in a space. Use citrus scents if you want to feel energized, floral scents like Jasmine when you want to relax, and if you’re sick aim for eucalyptus oils!

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