9 Essential Home Painting Tips

Dated: 04/24/2018

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 Ready to make your new home your "own"? Painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to do that but don't jump the gun. Here's 9 essential home painting tips to consider first...

Wait for dry weather – “Humidity means drips and slow drying” according to diynetwork.com If you must paint when it’s raining outside, take your time and give the paint enough time to paint.

Proper Prep Work – You will be wasting time and money if you don’t give ample time to prep your area. This includes scraping and sanding any flaking or peeling paint. The weight of the new paint will pull the old paint loose and you’ll have a big mess on your hands. You’ll also need to clean any stains with a damp cloth so the new paint will have a clean, dust-free surface to adhere to.

Materials – No matter if you buy expensive or discount rack paint, your tools to do the job need to be

Lighting – Whether or not your room gets natural light makes a big difference when choosing a color. Icy colors may look unpleasant in a room with a lot of natural light while warmer colors may be too much in dark spaces.

Start in Small Rooms – When trying out colors begin with a small area that will be quick to paint and less of a hassle to re-paint if necessary. It will let you live with the color for a few days before deciding if you really love it.

Don’t pick a color first – When planning a room don’t pick out the paint before everything else in the room. You want to get all of your furniture and décor in the space so that you can pick which paint goes well with the colors and textures of your current furniture. It is much easier to pick paint around multiple items over having to find multiple items to work around the paint.

Size of the Room – The standard rule is that lighter colors make a space feel bigger while darker colors make a room feel smaller. Keep that in mind but don’t be afraid to experiment with dramatic uses of both dark and light.

What is the Purpose of the Room? – While your favorite color may be orange you need to think of the mood you want to create in a room. Putting orange paint in the bedroom may make you feel energetic and awake, a color more suited for another room of the home. If you want a room to be quiet and peaceful, you want to choose colors that lend to that goal. Warm colors tend to be inviting while cool colors tend to project elegance.

Be Careful with Trends – While that bright and saturated color that is trendy right now may look fantastic on a small piece such as a lamp or a throw pillow, it may not look good on the walls of a room.

Think about Finishes – Finishes can do a lot to a room, picking copper or silver finishes can turn your wall into a showpiece within itself.

Transitions – Be careful when transitioning from one room to another, if the colors clash too dramatically it may make your home feel more like a fun house. Consider how colors flow from room to room.

Use the Color Wheel – Think of which colors are complementary and use that as a starting point for choosing a color.

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