How Often Should You Scope Out a Potential New Neighborhood?

Dated: 05/08/2018

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            Should you scope once a month? Once a week? According to Cathie Ericson, there are different times of day you should visit a home you are looking to purchase. Why is it important to visit more than once? Well, neighborhoods change throughout the day, as to the neighbors. Having a sense of the daily/weekly norms of the neighborhood could either insinuate that something may not work or provide you with peace of mind during the home buying process.

  1. Visit in the middle of the night: I know, I know, this one is kind of a hassle but if you are someone who values shut-eye, it may be necessary! Knowing whether your potential new neighborhood is a place where people will drive around in the early a.m. honking their horns, dogs barking throughout the night, or if a neighbor is in an aspiring rock band – is essential!
  2. Drive around during rush hour: It may seem like a short commute on Google Maps but you really don’t know the amount of traffic until you try it out. Know if a 5 mile commute could take over half an hour or longer.
  3. Come by right before lunch on a weekday: Is there a lot of construction? Are neighbors home? It’s important to know what environment your home will be when you’re not there. Or if you work from home, the neighbor who likes to use a chainsaw mid-morning may be agitating.
  4. When school lets out: This can be just as chaotic as rush hour if your potential home is near a school. Will access to your street be blocked off thanks to a line of waiting parents? Will traffic wrap around 2 blocks? Getting stuck in school traffic every day when you don’t even have a child in that school could be a huge deal breaker.
  5. Come around right before bedtime: If aspiring rock star neighbor likes to throw raging parties, or if there are teenagers who roam and make a lot of noise, it’s important to know before you commit to the property!

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