Step-by-Step Relocation Guide for the Tampa Bay Area

Dated: January 30 2018

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Relocating to a new city can be daunting. I know, I just relocated to the Tampa Bay area in April 2017. If possible, it’s ideal to visit the city and surrounding areas as I did, before making the leap. However, with busy lives and limited funds, I realize that isn’t an option available to all. So, this step-by-step guide will be quite useful in your relocation plans to the Tampa Bay area.

Step 1:  Prioritize Your Housing Wants and Needs

Do you want to rent or buy? How much can you afford? The Tampa Homes for Sale website can assist with this – check it out. Do you want to be within walking distance to shopping and dining? City Maps is a useful website and has a phone app that can help you navigate the new city to see what is where. Are school districts an important factor? Use this link to the Hillsborough County School Locator. These questions and more are things you need to ask yourself before anything else. Once you narrow your focus, results will be easier to navigate and get matched up with exactly what you’re looking for.

Step 2:  Research Tampa Bay Neighborhoods

If you already have a focus area, you’re ahead of the game. Finding a new home near your job or a particular school district can be a starting point and this article, Tampa Neighborhood Guide may assist in finding just the right neighborhood that will be a match for you and your family. Another helpful article is Moving to Tampa | Where to Live on the website.

Step 3:  Contact a Tampa Bay Realtor

To save yourself from loads of wasted time and stress, find a Tampa Bay area realtor who is knowledgeable on best/worst areas, valuable school information, and even terrible traffic routes to steer clear of. There is nothing better than firsthand information from a seasoned, local realtor. At Homeward Real Estate, more than half our agents are from this area originally. We specialize in relocation services, residential sales, and rentals. Collaborating with a professional Realtor will cost you nothing - expenses are paid by the seller/owner.

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